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The Birds is a hand painted animation modeled after a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I relied completely on my daughter’s instructions as she looked through an image sequence to position me. In doing so we were limited to words for interpreting what she saw. The link between image and word has always been a preoccupation of mine. I hope to be surprised, as is often the case. Hitchcock’s original sequence, once unpacked, had very few birds visible.  It is a case of the truth being stranger than fiction. What were originally coats and blankets sprawled over my shoulders were adapted with a combination of performance and simple drawing materials, enhancing both the shadows of birds and traces of movement.

Photo Feb 26, 4 51 08 PM.jpg

How to Make a Square Hero is a nod to social media platforms, their formatting limitations, branding potential, and the heavily curated self image. There are moments of cohesion, but more often it is a mix of content designed to maintain a pervasive “thingness” at the center. Cranberry bogs, cheez-its, painted squares and cut-outs infiltrate the object at the center, which is galvanized by tempo and the use of non-traditional materials and their industrialized color. How to Make a Square Hero highlights the difference in my work between making things and presenting them.

For As Long As They Kept Playing is footage from what I call Camera 2, a wide shot of my studio workspace akin to surveillance video. It is what I look at, how it looks, and what it looks like. It is small in size because it reflects phone viewership, particularly the intimacy of my own. My work often requires collaboration with friends and family, and in this way the piece is a form of self-portraiture. Also scattered throughout the piece are many residuale products like loops, GIFs or outtakes. Similar to a brushstroke that carries all of the thematic content of a painting, or the autonomous meaning of sounds in a poem, boiling a project down to a three second loop is a challenge that I embrace. Unlike the other works shown, it would be hard to see this piece in its entirety, and probably not necessary. Like any GIF, it plays as long as you watch it. And as with any poem, reading or understanding the piece is not dependent on viewing it for any prescribed length of time.